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Eye Internet Filter

Prevent your employees as well as children from finding or accidentally seeing offensive and unwanted materials while browsing the Internet. Block games, messengers & famous chat sites too.


  • Blazing Fast: Eye checks the web page quickly and closes the forbidden page before anyone could see it.
  • Block Websites : One can block any website for e.g. a company might want to block job sites.
  • Chat Blocking: You can block the most common chat programs.
  • Messenger Blocking: You can block famous messenger programs. So, now you can expect more time of employees to be devoted towards the work.
  • Block Games: The software has the ability to block games sites.
  • Block Music Players: Block general music playing software like windows media player & real player.
  • Blacklist Database: Over 250,000 web sites and pages are blocked by Eye. This list is updated regularly.
  • FREE Automatic Updates: Eye Users can send us details of any unwanted/ offensive sites. We update our database regularly so that you get automatic updates when computer starts.
  • Full Admin Controls: Allow or block any site.

Eye provides a safer web experience and give you the piece of mind knowing your children, employees and even you, will not accidentally stumble onto unwanted offensive web content.

Eye Internet Filter software is made to protect children from unwanted web content. Because Eye Internet Filter filters out adult web sites & other unwanted content, it can be used extensively at home, in schools, libraries, and businesses offices. We update the list of blocked websites frequently and you get free automatic Internet Updates. You can also easily customize this list and add web sites which you don't want children to see. On the other hand, adults, who have the password, can surf internet without restraint.

Available at Rs. 1050/- Only


•  For Home

•  For Office

•  For Schools

•  For Libraries

•  For Internet Cafes

PLATFORM: Windows ® 98, 2000 XP