Eye Internet Filter

Prevent your employees as well as children from finding or accidentally seeing offensive and unwanted materials while browsing the Internet. Block games, messengers & famous chat sites too.

Eye provides a safer web experience and give you the piece of mind knowing your children, employees and even you, will not accidentally stumble onto unwanted offensive web content.

Eye Internet Filter software is made to protect children from unwanted web content. Because Eye Internet Filter filters out adult web sites & other unwanted content, it can be used extensively at home, in schools, libraries, and businesses offices


Eye Internet Filter


  • Block Any Website
  • Block Any Messenger
  • Block Any Music Player
  • Block Games
  • Password Protected with Admin Control
  • Blacklist/Whitelist Any Website
  • Easy Installation
  • Protection from Spywares/Malwares
  • Protection from Pornography
  • Suppress Websites Promoting Violence
  • Control Data Theft
  • Efficient Employees
  • Peace of Mind..
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