Whats The Need for Eye- Internet Filter ??
In a world where technology is growing by leaps and bounds, one out of every two households have more than one computer that has internet service.

With this increase in internet usage it is of utmost importance that we have some sort of filtering service on our PC, for our children's protection.

There are real dangers on the internet, as parents it is our job to protect our children from those dangers. No loving parent would let your child play with a lion or tiger at the zoo, or send their child to a bar. Parents have to realize that the internet is just as dangerous and that we can't lose our children to something we could have protected them from.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of Eye Internet filter and the types of websites that can be blocked by the use of our software.

Pornographic Material:

Everyday children everywhere find themselves accidently coming into contact with pornographic material. Eye Internet filter can close the gates to unwanted material and leave you with the peace of mind knowing that your children are sheltered from this garbage.

Violence and Hate Crimes:

Eye will block any inapproriate material promotes violence or hate crimes.

Instant Messaging:

Instant Messaging is a primary tool that online predators use to masquerade as someone else. Eye will block all Instant Messaging chat programs and allows you to select the chat programs when you want to use them.

Web-Based Email Sites:

Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail offer free email accounts, and the majority of these site also have instant messaging. Because of the popularity of these sites, those who wish to violate your home with spam and other inappropriate material have access to this. Eye Internet filter restricts this.

Websites can be used to promote drug use:

You can stop websites from coming into your home that try to entice your children to use drugs by installing Eye.

Websites can promote terrorism:

There is no shortage of web pages that can provide specific instructions on making a bomb from common household materials. Eye can and will stop this type of web page from being displayed.

Objectionable Gaming sites:

Many of the online games that are available contain objectionable and violent content and are offered for free. In addition, many of these websites have an online chat feature where predators can hang out and mask themselves as a child. Eye Internet filte is capable of filtering out these sites.

Social Networking Websites:

Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are infested with online predators as world news has so clearly pointed out to us. It is possible to block these sites throught the use of our Eye Internet filter.

Peace Of Mind:

As we wrap this up, what more can give you peace of mind and security in the area of the internet? Eye internet filter can and will provide you and your household with the protection you need and want for your children.

The Internet can be an exciting and useful tool for communications and research, however, there is that one side that forces us all to protect ourselves.